How to Prepare for Moving Services

Two Men Holding Moving Boxes

The process of moving can be incredibly stressful. However, ensuring that you're properly prepared for our moving services when your moving day arrives can help everything go much more smoothly. Follow this advice on how to best ready yourself and your belongings before the movers arrive.

Research Reputable Moving Companies Thoroughly

Don't just go with the first moving company you come across. Be sure to thoroughly research a variety of local moving services in your area. Check reviews and ratings online from independent consumer sites, not just the moving company's website. Get a sense of their reputation for customer service, timeliness, and safely transporting belongings. Ask friends in the area for referrals, too. Once you settle on a few potential moving companies, get some estimates. We are confident that you will feel very comfortable working with us.

Sort and Organize Your Possessions

As you're figuring out which items you're taking vs leaving behind or donating, take stock of what exactly needs to be moved. This will help the movers know what to expect. Sort items by room in labeled boxes. Heavier boxes can go on the bottom, while lighter items, decorations, and clothing boxes are best for the top. Wrap any fragile decorative items separately. Properly labeled boxes also ensure movers put items in the correct rooms of your new home. We are also happy to discuss our packing services with you.

Plan Logistics for Moving Day

Book your moving date as far in advance as possible. Have your new home ready to move into because delays can happen. Make sure to communicate specifics to your moving company like elevator reservations and any challenges with stairs or narrow hallways, so they bring the right number of movers and truck size. Plan to be on-site to answer questions when we are assisting you. Doing prep work makes for smooth sailing when your movers arrive.

It's very common for people to move. According to The Stay Sane Mom, on average, people move about 11 times in their lives. Staying organized, communicating clearly with your moving company, and thoroughly preparing allows our professionals to handle getting all your possessions to your new home efficiently. When the time comes to hire moving services, reach out to United Family Movers to obtain an estimate for your upcoming move.